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October, 2019

The lower Eagle River in Gypsum, Colorado continues to fish well despite low water and dropping temperatures. Afternoon fishing from 2pm to dusk (the heat of the day) is highly recommended. Though you will see the occasional fish rising to midges and blue winged olives, your most successful technique for quantity is nymphing.

Leading off with a jig fly to get your flies down quick is the way to go. The water is low and clear so it’s also more tactful and stealthy.

 B’s Hot StoneDirty BWO Jig and the Tungsten Hare’s Ear will get your flies in the zone and also turn a few heads.

The fish are spread out – deep water, small pockets, and long flats and primarily keyed in on small midges and blue winged olives.Given the clarity and flow on the Eagle River right now, plan on some Trout Hunter 5.5x  or 6x tippet and fishing size 20-22 flies.

Medium indicators can be used in the deeper pools but small bobbers or yarn are recommended on the longer flat stretches. Best flies for right now include Juju BaetisBlack Micro MidgeChocolate Thunder and Mayhem Midge. Black, Olive, and Grey are the colors. Vary your depth accordingly.

There’s a fair amount of aquatic vegetation on the rocks right now so when fish are eating higher in the column, take advantage so you don’t have to constantly clean your flies.

With the tourists out of town and locals thinking hunting and prepping for ski season, you should find less crowds on the river. Especially since we’ve had our first snow and cooler temps.

Have fun, be safe and we’ll see you on the river!