This is a great all purpose package that can be used all over western rivers and was designed mainly for the Eagle River in Colorado. This package comes with 3 flies in the following patterns.
Crystal RS2 Black
Crystal RS2 Grey
Crystal RS2 Olive
WD40 Red
WD40 Grey
Transitional Caddis Olive
Transitional Caddis PMD
JuJu Baetis Size 18
JuJu Baetis Red Size 18
Loop Wing Grey Size 18
Loop Wing Olive Size 18
Zebra Midge
Tiger Midge
Pheasant Tail Flashback B.H. Size 20
Prince Formally Known As Size 14 and 18
Rainbow Warrior Size 14 and 18
Copper John Red Tungsten Size 18
Copper John Black Tungsten Size 18
PMD Nose Picker Size 18
BWO Emerger B.H. Size 20
San Juan Worm Pink B.H.
BWO Size 18
Adams Size 18
Cahill Size 18
Quill Blue Dun Size 18
Elk Hair Caddis Egg Layer Size 16
Elk Hair Tan Size 16
Tilt Wing Caddis Olive Size 16
Tilt Wing Caddis Dun Size 16
Sprout Adams Size 18
Pheasant Tail Cripple Size 18
Stimulator Tan Size 14
Stimulator Pearl w/Legs Size 12
Chubby Tan Size 10

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