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Montana has a lot of great fishing and this package is built to help you fish a lot of the rivers throughout MT.
This package comes with the following patterns;

3 flies each except for stones and hoppers.

Row 1. Copper Jon’s Copper, Black, Chartreuse, Red and Zebra
Row 2. Frenchie, Guide Choice, Har’s Ear F/B CDC Hot Collar B.H., Hunch back BWO & PMD
Row 3. Lightning Bug Regular & Red, Micro Golden Stone, Parley Stone, Rainbow Warrior
Row 4. Pheasant Tail, PT CDC B.H., Super Flash PT, Prince B.H., Formally Known As
Row 5. Element Baetis Dark, Lite, Purple, Baetis Mini Flash Black & Olive
Row 6. Jujubee Black & Olive, Beaver Hole Special BWO & Sulphur, Mayhem Midge
Row 7. Emerger BWO, BWO B.H., PMD, PMD B.H., Zebra Midge
Row 8. Parachutes, Adams, BWO, Callibaetis, PMD, Purple Haze
Row 9. Elk Hair Caddis Olive, Pearl, Tilt Wing Tan, Yellow Humpy, Royal Wulff
Row 10. Double Bead Stone Black & Natual, Woven Stone Tan, Double Tungsten Golden Stone
Patt’s Stone Coffee, Two Bit Hooker Black & Olive. (2 each on the stones)
Row 11. Brush Creek Hopper, Chubby Royal & Purple, Guide Saver Gold, Peacock and Royal (1 each)

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