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This package was designed for Mike Trotter and Beyond Boundaries guides for the Chosen River in AK. This package comes with the following patterns;
F.S. Leech White qty. 6
Flesh fly articulated ss22-2 qty. 6
Flesh fly Dali Lama qty. 6
Dali Lama Pink/Flesh qty 4
Dali Lama Pink st137 qty. 6
Dali Lama Purple/Pink qty. 2
Dali Lama Black/White Size 2 qty 6
Dali Lama Olive/White qty. 6
Voodoo Leech Black Purple qty. 2
Voodoo Leech Black Orange qty. 2
Eggo ss52 qty. 18
Chosen River Special qty. 6
Egg sucking Leech Cop Car – 3
Egg sucking Leech Popsicle – 3

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