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Colorado River

Colorado River Report 10/26/19

The Upper Colorado is still fishing but needs ample time dedicated to a day’s outing. The fish are eating however finding the appropriate depth and fly might have you racking your brain a bit. Focus your efforts¬†on the way upper stretch, Pumphouse to Radium, and don’t rush your way to Radium. Most fish being caught right now can be done wading the banks at Pumphouse or anchoring your boat below the play wave. Once you have the bug of choice for the day dialed in, fish confidently on your way down to Radium. Though fishing on the go is the best way to cover a lot of ground, anchoring in areas with nice soft banks and inside/outside seams will provide the most action. The Colorado is running around 1000cfs and clear and the spawing redds are obvious from the boat or from the bank so please leave them be so our brown trout population remains epic. Patt’s Stone or egg patterns followed by small midges and bwos (down to a #24) will provide the most action. If your intentions are to streamer fish, boogie to the canyon and put your efforts there. Double streamers – Slump Busters to Ruby Eye Leech in black or olive seem to be delicious to the brownies.

Though sometimes a trial in patience, any time you fish the Colorado you could catch a 20+ inch trout so it’s never a bad idea to give it a whirl. With fishing pressure, people doing cast and blasts, and late season rafters, plan to leave yourself plenty of time for boat ramp traffic. Thanks for protecting the spawning trout!

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